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The church was founded February 15, 1978, under the direction of Reverend J.T. Blevins.  The founding members met in an abandoned house owned by one of the members.  At this first meeting there were 23 people in attendance.  At this meeting it was suggested that the name be Holy Cross Missionary Baptist Church.  The order of service was set at this time also.  It is as follows:

Sunday School                                       Sunday 10 AM

Worship Service                                    Sunday 11 AM

Sunday Evening Service                        Sunday 6 PM

Choir Practice & Prayer Service           Wednesday 7 PM

On May 14, 1978 a young man named Woodrow (Butch ) Holder and his family moved their membership to Holy Cross Missionary Baptist Church.

Then on June 7, 1978 the church voted to install deacons and junior deacons.  Among those for junior deacon, was Butch.

On July 5, 1978 one of the trustees asked to be replaced because of health problems.  The church chose Butch.

Sometime in mid 1978, the church bought an acre of land from Virgina Snow on York Road for $500.00.  As soon as the land was purchased, the members started work on the building.  All of the work on the church was done by the members.  The building was a block basement, that was built with hopes of using it until finances allowed moving up.  During the construction of the building, there was a beam in the center of the building; someone pushed this beam off the block walls, trying to bust it.  It did not bust and the members put it back on the building and finished construction.  They put a floor on the top and put tar paper over it for the roof.  Later they put an "A" style roof over this floor.  They held services in an open hull, no paint, no heat, no interior walls, sitting on metal chairs.  In December of 1978, the church bought an oil circulator for heating the building.  In May of 1979, the church bought an air conditioner.


On June 3, 1979 it was brought before the church that Woodrow Thomas Holder, Jr. (Butch), announced his calling to preach.

On May 21, 1980 in a business meeting, Pastor J.T. Blevins announced that he would be leaving the office of pastor of the church.  In his resignation, he stated that he would remain for three months or until the church found a pastor.

On August 24, 1980 Butch Holder was ordained as a minister.

September 17, 1980 the church voted Butch Holder in as pastor.  He told the church he would act as pastor for three months, then the church could vote to keep him or to find another pastor.

December 15, 1980 Butch was voted in as pastor.

In the later part of October, 1981, the church held an auction to raise funds to dig a well.  The auction raised $556.00.  Between September 1981 and April 1982 there were donations made on the well totaling $130.00.  Somewhere around late July and early August 1982, the well was dug.

In 1998 God Reviled the need to build a new church to accommodate its growth. In 1999 the new Church was finish. A lot of  Members help do most of the work and we thank them for helping to fulfill this task. The Picture below is the new Church Today.


We are a Missionary Baptist Church. This Means we believe in supporting Missionaries, and water Baptism. We are also an Accepting Church. We open the door and arms to those who are unwanted or those that are not cared about. We are very proud of our Church. where it has come from and where it is going.


                                                                                                                      'Do you believe This'

"Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.  And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.   " John 11: 25-26"

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