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                               Click Link below for prayer request


Fell Free to email us here for any reason, not just you're prayers. If you need to talk to someone or whatever the need contact us at the email below. If you have Sick in the hospital or lost loved one in trouble. We will do our best with the help of our Lord to  help you in your time of need.   


  Senior Pastor Butch Holder

  Youth Pastor Marty Hewitt

                                         Deacons List


You can also contact Terry Simpson with any General question or if you would like a copy of the TV service you have seen please contact him for cost and information.  

 Terry Simpson at

 Marty Hewitt

 David Meeks



                               Web Sight design contact

 If you have a Testimony or any other general email that you would like to Share Email us at: Please Let us know if we can post you're Testimony here on the web sight.



                                                   Phone (336) 352-3249


                                  Will you be ready When Christ Returns for his People

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