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                                Other Ministry's We Support



Holy Cross Baptist Church Outreach Television Ministry 

We are no longer on TV due to means beyond our control, we are still post our service here on the Internet This Ministry is to reach out to the lost and all the shut in all over the World, We are Reaching out to 25+ Country's including the USA . If you do not have a Church we invite you here to Holly Cross Baptist Church.

Aries & Rachel Gonzales Praise God for his faithfulness never ceases. I thank God for his sustaining Grace as I continue my deputation here in the United States. I left my family for a while in the Philippines to do the Lords work. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Aries and his wife Rachel are missionary's to the Philippines.


 US MOBLE 93360756-0771 MISSIONARY DAVID DELA PEZ EMAIL: DAVEDELAPEZ@YAHOO.COM  FIELD ADDRESS: Shekin Baptist Church Blk 16 Kabisig floodway, San Andres Cainta               Rizal 1900, Philippines Phone 01163-920-487-7677            

for your support for the ministry in the Philippines and for allowing me once again to present how the Lord marvelously works in the US and to share the needs. I believe with all my heart that truly you are a channel to God's blessings. Your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Here are the updates of our ministry. Last October my assistant Pastor baptized 10 believers and they are now faithfully serving the Lord. One of our mission works celebrated the 3rd mission Anniverity last October. Praise God they are growing in numbers and on fire for God. This is the fruit of your ministry.

Hospital Ministry..........................................................Thanks to Duncan Ingram we also have  Hospital Ministry where we try to get by and see the sick and offer Prayer. There's no Funding Needed for this unless you just would like to help out on Gas. Just Pray and do what God is asking of you. If you will contact us by the Phone  number below or email us @, we will do our best to come by and have Prayer with you're Love ones. Please Leave Information where and who needs services.

Help the Needy......................................... We also Take up to help the Needy here in this Area, So if you Feel Lead to help with this Please feel free to do so. We by food Oil or what ever the needs may be for the ones who are in need. A lot of People will need help with Oil and Food this Winter.

Operation Christmas Child...............................  As a once a year ministry, we help Samaritan's Purse with Operation Christmas Child.  This is a ministry of delivering shoeboxes filled with gifts to children all over the world, that otherwise would not receive a gift.  They also put a copy of the gospel message, in that child's language, in the box also.  For more information: Samaritan's Purse


Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care..... At various times during the year we have many members who volunteer to help in Hospice activates.  Hospice responds to the unique needs of the terminally ill by providing physical and emotional care to dying persons and their families. The hospice philosophy seeks to allow the terminally ill person to be at home, close to family and friends, while still under professional medical supervision.  We are thankful to have a great organization in our community.  For more information: Hospice .

Internet Ministry......We now have our own web domain and have information about our church and other Ministry's that we support. we also have the full KJV Bible, Online Audio Message. Online Video Message and much more. Christian Fisherman who like to fish and Spread the Gospel around Many Different Lakes that the fish at.

If you would like to help out and be a part of these Ministry's and donate to them fell Free to do so. You will Be helping with  spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you would Like to Donate Please send check or Money order to the address below and please include what Ministry you would like to help with. May God Bless you for Helping.


                                                       Holy Cross Baptist Church

                                                       344 York Road

                                                       Mount Airy, N.C. 27030

                                                       Phone (336) 352-3249



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