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We are a Missionary Baptist church.  Which means we believe in supporting missionaries.  We currently support one foreign missionaries.  They are: Aries Gonsales, missionary to the Philippines.




Aries & Rachel Gonzales                                    Field & Mailing Address

Missionaries to Nueva Ecija, Philippines               PO Box 32 CLSU 3120        

E-mail ariesgonzales@yahoo.com                         Munoz Nueva Ecija,Ph


                                   The Gonzales
                              Aries, Rachel and Children



                                                                THE  DAVE DELA PAZ FAMILY MISSIONARIES TO THE PHILIPPINES

    US MOBLE 93360756-0771                                                                      FIELD ADDRESS: MISSIONARY DAVID DELA PEZ

    EMAIL: DAVEDELAPEZ@YAHOO.COM                                                                             SHEKIN GLORY BAPTIST CHURCH

                                                                                                                                                    Blk 16 Kabisig floodway, San Andres Cainta

                                                                                                                                                    Rizal 1900, Philippines

                                                                                                                                                    Phone 01163-920-487-7677                       



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This site was last updated 10/14/13

People around the world are starving and in need of help even in this Great United States of American. The land of plenty, the land of great opportunities, America is also in need just like all the country's around the world. If you feel the leadership of the Holy Spirit to help those in need then I encourage you to do so. Holy Cross Church does not receive anything  from this, Its just our Christian duty to help others in need including those that are around us here in our own home town. May God Bless you in many Ways for giving.