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                                                        Pastor Butch Holder      

                                                                  A word from Our Pastor


  My name is Butch Holder Pastor of Holy Cross Missionary Baptist Church. I would like to let the people know about our web sight and what we believe. The Lord spoke to my heart many years ago. I have been the pastor here at Holy Cross for almost 30 years now. I have been going to Holy Cross for almost 34 years now. When I started pasturing the Church I did not know  much about pasturing a church, but I have learned things over the years that the Holy Spirit of God has taught me, which I learned thatís the only place the true teaching can come from.

  But the Lord spoke to my heart when I started pasturing at Holy Cross and God told me, Butch Holy Cross Baptist Church, I want this church to be a church for people that other people do not what or other people donít care about. I have been for the under dog all my life and God knows thatís basically what my life has been about. I have always wanted to see people to do well and to win the race. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me there were a lot of families that were being rejected in churches. They where being judged on account of the cloths they wore and things that they had done in the past. God taught me in his word that Iím not any mans judge. God told me that if I would love people then that would make the difference. God tells me that it is all about love.

I want everyone to know that I love them, but most of all God loves you. When God built this church for you and your families and my families or whoever else wants to come. The Bible teaches us faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Thereís a lot of young Christians out here today, even older Christians that been on the milk for a long time.

 The Bible sayís that my people will perish on account of lack of knowledge, thatís why I believe in staying in Gods word and leave self out of it. To me people have come to the church, they come dressed in all matter of apparel. Men have come with ear rings and long hair and other things. The Lord has showed me some time ago for me not to judge any of these people and I donít. What I have to do is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit of God and to be lead of the Holy Spirit of God. God teaches me if I will love people and take them in and they need to change anything in their life, God will do this. I Leave all this in the Lord's hands. What you wear and what you do is between you and God, I have no right to judge you or no one else here on earth, I say this because I mean it from my heart. The Bible sayís on account of tradition the word of God is unaffected and I have seen tradition in too many Churches and too many homes and too many lives.   

  I feel like that God can never bless, when we get set in our ways. Itís not about me today itís all about God. I want to welcome everyone to come and be a part of our Church. If you can not come and be a part with us you can pray for us and hold us up to God. We will try to hold you up to God; I want you to be a part of our Church even if you do not get to come. Thereís only one Church and me and you make up that Church. We make up the body of Christ, the Lord teaches us that. The Lord tells us thereís ways that seams right under man, but in the end itís going to be death and destruction.

 Let us all look unto God and seek what his righteousness is and leave our two cents worth out. My heart goes out to those that have been hurt by people and been hurt in other Churches. I try to pray for you as often as I can. You have to look beyond man and look to God. God will lead and guide us in the paths of righteousness for his name sake. God honors this in his word. I found out that everything God has said is true. I want you to be free to come and worship the Lord with us. If you want to do something for the God, I believe in letting people have the opportunity to do so. I was in a church and had not been saved long and was never given the opportunity to do anything. I was on fire for God and wanted to do things for the Lord. God has put me in a Church where he could use me. I hope you are in a Church today where God can use you. If you are not being used today maybe you are not where God wants you to be. Its not about Butch Holder, itís not about Holy Cross, itís about God. You are special to God and you are special to me. God has worked these things out in our hearts that you can be a blessing to God and also to other people. People want to judge people because they have been married twice or judge them on something that had happen in their past.

 My Bible teaches me that God forgives all sin, except sin against the Holy Ghost.  I have learned that most people do not understand what this means. Sin against the Holy Ghost is living the life without God, when the Holy Spirit of God has witnessed to you that you need to give your heart to Him. You need to be saved and you die and you was not being obedient to the Holy Spirit of God, thatís sin against the Holy Ghost. My Father sayís  thereís no forgiveness of that sin, so if you die without accepting Jesus Christ as Youíre savior, thereís no forgiveness for this.

    We are here to try and teach you and help you so that you can be saved and walk in love and righteousness and the way that God would have you to walk. So our Church is about loving the Lord and loving one another. Making up one body in Christ. I want everybody to know that Iím no better then you and you are no better than me. In Gods eyes we are all the same. The Bible sayís If we are Guilty of the least we are guilty of the whole. The Bible teaches us that thereís things that there are things that have to be done in our life for us to be saved. You must accept Jesus Christ as your savior. So we believe in Jesus as the son of God and I believe in my heart that the King James Version of the Bible is the word of God. Because the Spirit of God bares witness to it in my Life.

  I donít use a revised Bible and do not encourage anyone else to use a revised Bible. If you use one Iím not going to judge you. I donít use a revised version and we donít allow people to teach from a revised version in our Church. We believe in the King James Version to be the word of God. The Bible teaches us to not add or to take away from His words of the book of prophecy; if we do God will add unto us plagues and take our part out of the books of life. So I leave that in Gods hands and I take His words and go by it. May God bless each one that visits our sight.

Pastor Butch Holder




                                                                  Phone (336) 352-3249

                                      Email: pastor@hcmbchurch.org   



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